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The Applicant(s) agree/agrees to abide with the terms and conditions when participating in “Flea For Good Flea Market”.



1.1 “Vendor/Vendors” refers to the applicant(s) who rents a stall space at the Event. “Organizer” refers to Adrenalin Group Pte. Ltd. who is Organizer of the Event. “Event” refers to the “Flea For Good Flea Market”.

2.1 A sum of Singapore Dollars, as indicated per the Choice selected per Stall Space shall be collected by Organizer upon acceptance of this contract. Stall rental(s) are strictly non-refundable.

2.2 In the case of stall cancellation, vendors are required to inform the organizer at least 1 week prior to the event date. Stall rentals are strictly non-refundable if cancellation is done less than 1 week to the event date.

3.1 Vendor(s) are only allowed to setup One hour before the commencement time.
3.2 Vendor(s) are to start packing up at Half an hour before the flea market ends.    
3.3 This is a Rain or Shine Event. Vendor(s) are strongly advised to bring own canvas cover in the event of rain.


Allocation of Stall Space:
4.1 All stall spaces are balloted unless otherwise arranged and the actual space will only be known on the Event day. Vendor(s) can look for their stall space on the Event day by the stall number labelled on the table.
4.2 Reasonable space between stalls has to be maintained at all times as a safety precaution; stock and/or empty crates must not be stored outside Vendor(s) stall space during operating hours.
4.3 Vendor(s) are not allowed to bring own tables or extension.
4.4 Vendor(s) are not allowed to bring own chairs, stools, etc. Additional chairs can be rented at $2 per day per chair, please inform us 1 week before the event should you require this arrangement.

4.5 Vendor(s) are allowed to bring only clothes rack limited to 70cm(width) x 120cm(length) x 180cm(height),  strictly only 1 rack per booth.

4.6 Vendor(s) are strictly not allowed to make use of shopping carts for storage of items.

4.7 Vendor(s) shall only be permitted to sell items that have been approved by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to approve or reject any vendor(s) particular items to be sold.

4.8 Items Restriction or subject to prior arrangement:
 - Food items

 - Counterfeit items
 - Torn and broken items
 - Utilization of dangerous materials
 - Tarot card/palm readings/fortune telling
 - Masseurs or masseuses
 - Art created by spray painting
 - Any item that in violation of Singapore’s Law
 - Any items that are in conflict of the interest of the organizer

Term and Termination:
5.1 Organizer reserves the right to change the venue, date of event, floorplan at any point of time deem necessary.
5.2 Organizer reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
5.3 Organizer reserves the right to reject any application based on its absolute sole discretion without assigning any reasons.
5.4 Organizer reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately by notice in writing to the Vendor without providing any reason. Such termination shall not prejudice the rights and liabilities of either party against the other for any breach of this Contract.

Laws and Regulations:
6.1 Vendors are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations in Singapore as imposed by the Government or lawful bodies of the Republic of Singapore (including but is not limited to any item that breaches the intellectual property rights of any third party; any item [including but not limited to cosmetics, food and drinks etc] that requires the prior approval of the relevant licensing authorities and for which prior approval have not been obtained; any dangerous, offensive, pornographic or illegal items; any form of alcohol).
Best Interests of Organizer:
7.1 Vendor(s) undertakes at all times act in the best interest of Organizer and shall not do or permit anything that may damage or prejudice the reputation of Organizer or bring Organizer into disrepute.


Orderly Behaviour of Vendor(s):
8.1 Vendor(s) are hereby given notice to conduct its business at the Facility in a professional manner so as not to give cause for complaints from occupants of the building or the public and to ensure that the image of Organizer is not adversely affected. Vendor(s) shall respect the health and safety of fellow Vendor(s). No acts or threats of physical violence against another person (including sexual violence), disorderly conduct, and/or possession of dangerous articles (such as firearms, explosive materials, etc.) are allowed.
Abuses to Properties:
9.1 Vendor(s) are hereby given notice not to abuse by hanging or sticking anything onto the properties (Tents, Tables, Chairs, etc) provided by the Organizer. The Security Deposit will be forfeited and Vendor(s) will be asked to leave the Event without any Rental refund.
Loss/Damage to Properties:
10.1 No properties within this Facility shall be removed. The Organizer reserves the rights to report incident(s) of theft to the Police and it shall be dealt with under laws and regulations in Singapore as imposed by the Government or lawful bodies of the Republic of Singapore.
10.2 In the event of any loss/removal/damage caused to the venue and its furnishings/fixtures, Vendor(s) will be held severally liable for the loss, removal or damage and shall pay Organizer such sums as Organizer may determine for the loss or damage caused to the aforesaid.
Use of Space:
11.1 Vendor(s) shall not affix or otherwise exhibit or place on the common corridors of passageways, pillars, tents or the windows of the Building or any part thereof any name-plate, signboard, placard, poster, banner or advertising material or offensive publications or any good or articles or the like whatsoever for the purposes of any public announcement or which may contravene any statue or regulations or which may expose Organizer to any fine or penalty by reason thereof. Vendor(s) shall be held fully responsible and liable to pay the full fine or penalty caused to the aforesaid.
12.1 Vendor(s) are allowed to place their goods or property overnight in the venue after operation hours at their own risk. For the avoidance of doubt, under no circumstances will the Vendor(s) hold Organizer responsible for any personal injuries, damage, lost or defacement of goods or property on display occurring, during, before or after the event, no matter how it was caused.
12.2 In the event that Vendor(s) wanted to take the risk, the goods or property must be covered or store in luggage bags (not boxes) and chain with a lock.
Illumination and Electricity:
13.1 Vendor(s) are hereby given notice that electricity will not be provided. Vendor(s) are advised to bring their own battery operated lamps.
14.1 Vendor(s) are hereby given notice to keep the Facility clean and tidy, and shall not litter, deface or damage the Facility. The area must be cleared and kept clean after use, with the waste, boxes, cardboard and refuse should properly disposed of in the nearest bin centers.

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