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1) Can I rent additional logistics, such as table or chairs?
No, each booth will come with only 1 table and 2 chairs. If more logistics is required, kindly book another booth.

2) Is there complimentary parking at City Square Mall?
No, there is no complimentary parking.

3) What if it rains?
This is a Rain or Shine event and no refund of booking fee will be given due to elements of weather. Kindly bring along plastic sheets or canvas to protect your goods in the event of wet weather. No umbrellas or ponchos will be provided. 

4) Can I get a booth to provide services such as face painting, manicure services etc.?

Services such as facepainting, henna, balloon sculpting are subject to organizer’s approval. Please contact us at if you need any clarification.

5) Can I choose where I want my booth to be?
No, all booths will be pre-allocated before the event through internal balloting conducted by the Organiser.

6) Can I exchange booth with others?
You may exchange booth with others if the vendor of another booth have agreed to do so.

7) I don’t have Paypal, how else can I pay?

The system that we are using only allows payment by Paypal. Do sign up for once in order to make payment, signing up for Paypal is free of charge.

8) Can I sell food & beverages?
No, only products and certain services are allowed. Sales of imitation items and food and beverages are strictly prohibited.​

9) Can I start earlier or leave earlier?
All vendors are expected to start their booth no later than 30 minutes after the stated start time, failure to do so will result in forfeiting of the booth. Vendors are expected to have their booths operating from 12pm – 9pm, vendors may only close their booth 30 minutes before end time.

10) What is the difference between premium and basic booths?

Premium booths are closer to both the entrance/exit of City Square Mall and Farrer Park MRT Station whereas basic booths are further.


11) Is there a pricing range for the items that I am selling?

Organizers do not control the pricing range for your products or goods. 


12) How many people can I bring to help me out with the booth? 

Vendors are only allowed to have not more than 2 people at all time for each booth. 

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